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The Green Bar Project:
Japan's Deadly Gap in Earthquake Preparedness

Project History


1980-1995 (irregular)

Founder B.H. Lambert's personal experience with earthquakes while living in Kanto region of Japan

1998 May

Visit to Honjo Bosai Kaikan (Honjo Life Safety Learning Center), 本所防災会館, Tokyo; completion of half-day training course in disaster awareness, safety, and first aid.

1999 April

Visit to Kobe to examine post-earthquake reconstruction

1999 August

Completed Swedish Red Cross courses with coworkers on Emergency Rescue & First Aid

1999 November 3-4

Presentation at 1st Conference on Advances on Natural Hazards Mitigation, Experiences from Europe and Japan (Athens, Greece) entitled: Risk Management & Acceptable Preparatory Costs: Lessons from the Kobe Earthquake. (joint with Prof. Hitoshi Uno and Aimee Poor); conference discussions of 7 September 1999 Athens Greece, and 17 August 1999 Izmit Turkey earthquakes

2000 March

Visit to Taiwan's Hsinchu Science-based Industrial Park; discussions of preparations, logistics and response to the 21 September 1999 Chichi, Taiwan Earthquake

Second visit to Honjo Bosai Kaikan, 本所防災会館, briefing by Director Hiroshi Arai

Visit, tour and briefing at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Center, Shinjuku 東京都防災センター, on the 8th and 9th floors of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bldg.

2000 June

Presentation at Tokyo University, Department of Economics, Katahira-zemi: Policy Marketing: The Green Bar Project for Earthquake Preparedness.

Briefing on NERT (Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams) at San Francisco Fire Department by NERT Program Coordinator Patricia Yuen

2000 July

Registration of internet website name to publicize Green Bar project:

2001 February 20

Lecture at the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (NIAS), Copenhagen Denmark: Earthquake Preparedness in Japan & the Green Bar Project: A Case of Policy Management.

2001 August 11-12

Presentation at the Japanese-German Center Berlin, European Japan Experts Association (in conjunction with ICAS 2) for the conference The Impact of Reform on Japan: Japan's Deadly Gap in Earthquake Preparedness: The Green Bar Concept.

2002 February

Setup and gradual expansion of personally-funded web presence at:

2002 April

Interviews at Tokyo Metropolitan Government Disaster Prevention Center, Shinjuku 東京都防災センター (災害対策部, 防火計画課), considering collapse of New York City's Emergency Command Center on 11 Sept. 2001 and whether Tokyo's Disaster Prevention Center is similarly exposed; analysis of Green Bar project feasibility

Interview and discussion of Green Bar Project & disaster mitigation with Dr. Tsuneo Katayama, President of Japan's National Research Institute for Earth Science & Disaster Prevention (NIED: 防災科学技術研究所、片山恒雄理事長) in Tsukuba

Fundraising efforts thus far:

  日本経済研究奨励財団   Japan Economic Research Foundation

1999 Oct   first application for earthquake project funding
2000 Feb   notification of funding denial

  財団法人 村田学術振興財団   Murata Science Foundation

2000 April   first application for earthquake project funding
2000 June   notification of funding denial

  財団法人サントリー文化財団   Suntory Foundation

2000 March   first application for earthquake project funding
2000 June   notification of funding denial


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